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CLP appeared on several thousand buckets and cans of coating and sealants prior to 2008. It was designed for US Coating Solutions to private label WonderPaint products. We have severed our relationship with USCS and wanted to let you know that all materials they have sold came directly from WonderPaint technology.

Cross Linking Polymers

cross-linking: occurs when primary valence bonds are formed between separate polymer chain molecules.

WonderPaint's crosslinking system is different than other paint companies in the market place. We use multiple crosslinking or cures. Therefore, we crosslink to fillers, copolymerize two or more polymers together and repolymerize polymers that are depolymerized during processing. We also design and crosslink to the substrate or to any constituent in the substrate that we feel is important for product success.

Colloid chemistry and particle chemistry have been the work of leading scientists for over two hundred years. Such inventions are photography, Jell-O, Cellulose filters, kidney machines, film of all sorts. When we overlay these multiple cures or crosslinking system into one single film or coating then the uniqueness of our formulations is experienced. Two important technologies came out of this work. One is continuous film technologies which explain how polymers perform when they can be made into a continuous and infinite sheet with no breaks or anomalies. The other technology is the understanding of phase chemistry as described by such physical scientist as Gibbs who set up the Law of Mixtures.

Most important is that phases in a coating or polymer are islands that can be explored independent of other phases surrounding the primary or subordinate phases. Crosslinking within one phase and then crosslinking in an isolated phase can result in exciting and different properties never before experienced by mankind. The exploration of this world of colloid results in products that are a Wonder to the scientist and to the public. From this study and exploration we will have better plastics, coatings, composites and compounds. The colloid chemist deals with the real world since Nature puts everything together into colloids, small bundles of atoms or molecules, just waiting to be used in a productive manner

In early February, 2008 we sent a letter to all US Coating Solutions customers to whom we shipped product. You can read that letter here. We also included a copy of the WonderPaint Price List with comparative product names. That price list is here. Those prices, of course, are old. There have been significant raw material price increases since then. Please check the WonderChem website for current pricing.

USCS : WonderPaint Cross Reference Chart
Ex-Coat Wonder 25 Sprayable high-performance urethane-acrylic paint.
Liquid Roof ASA 606 Plus Urethane acrylic reflective acid-rain resistant roof coating.
CLP Prime NuKlear SP Ultra saturating microorganism stopping wood (cellulose) primer.
CLP Sealer NuKlear UV blocking water repellent sealer.
Multi-Poly ASA 603 CEP Makes extra strong concrete, overlay material and primer for cement and metals.
Crete-Coat LikeNu Concrete Overlay in a paintable form.
Multi-Seal AUS Acrylic-Urethane Clear sealer
Flex-Clear Flex-Clear We didn't let them change the name. Product USCS sells today is NOT the same.
Microbes Clean WonderMicrobes Ecologically safe way to remove hydrocarbon contamination.
Super Anti-Fungal Soap MonoClean Does much more than remove fungus.
NuEtch NuEtch We didn't let them change the name. Exclusive WonderPaint product.

April 22, 2015

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